Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Health Checks should not be held for when you are feeling unwell - they are an extraordinary approach to guaranteeing that your general health is maintained. A few circumstances, for example,high blood pressure, diabetes, and some cancers may not produce any obvious physical symptoms,but early discovery and treatment can assist with guaranteeing that your heart remains healthy and that your risk of heart disease or stroke are extraordinarily decreased.

  • Nosebleeds can happen because of many reasons; the most well-known being changes in climate. Ordinarily nosebleeds happen in warm, dry environments or unpleasant cold conditions. Some of the other causes for nosebleeds are: • Infection • Self-induced nose picking • Use of blood thinning medications • Excessive intake of Alcohol • Hypertension

  • A kidney transplant operation includes taking out a kidney from the body of one person and embedding it carefully in the body of a patient whose own kidneys have failed. The transplanted kidney capacities as the patient's kidneys. While a transfer is certainly not a permanent cure for renal (kidney) disappointment, it permits patients to carry on with a more normal life than that accomplished on dialysis. Patients with well-working transplants have a greater sense of prosperity and can partake in a way of life liberated from reliance on dialysis treatment. However, they should constantly go on with their transfer drug treatment to prevent rejection of the transplanted kidney

  • Endoscopy is done by inserting a thin line instrument (endoscope), in the patients’ body to view the internal blood vessels.

  • There are no particular long term side effects as such for esophageal cancer. The affected area might be permanently tanned but this is not harmful. You will experience fatigue and breathing problems in the early stages but that will improve eventually