An operation theater technician is the individual responsible for an activity theater inside a hospital. They are the experts who guarantee the smooth working of the activity room until a medical procedure is totally finished. This program is related to practically everything and the board of the Operation Theater. The program plans understudies for dealing with the patients and as well as noticing the unpredictable subtleties of an activity theater. During the review, the understudies are liable for really focusing on every one of the careful instruments and also their sanitization and cleansing. The job is to assist the expert in the midst of activities and take with minding of the prescriptions, stylish glasses, drapes, and disinfection necessities during surgery.Smooth working of ICUs, CCUs and Operation theaters in recuperating offices and focuses, is additionally taught.

  • ELIGIBILITY : +2(Any group)
  • DURATION : 3 YEARS(6 Semesters)
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