Hospital sterilization is field related to management to kill all microorganisms and spores by different technique like autoclaving (saturated steam under high pressure) and heat and chemicals sterilization (ethylene gas, hydrogen peroxide gas).B.Voc in C.S.S.D Technology is an undergraduate course. The C.S.S.D (Central clean Supply Department) allocates the reproducible clinical and careful instruments utilized in medical care settings.The CSSD is playing a critical job in clinic procured contamination control. This course is pointed toward outfitting medical services experts with the information on the standard protocols,complexities and difficulties associated with the CSSD work and the wide working abilities expected to convey an elevated requirement of care for patients and the medical care society.

  • ELIGIBILITY : +2(Any group)
  • DURATION : 3 YEARS(6 Semesters)
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