Department of Anesthesiology

VIMS offers excellent anesthesia critical care services to patients in the postoperative setup and excellent pain management services.The Department of Anesthesiology offers the best sedative types of assistance for all surgical specialties within the hospital. Our group of anesthesiologists give quality pain relief during surgery and furthermore supports post-usable consideration. We likewise embrace non-careful relief from discomfort and basic consideration for other clinical diseases.

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The Department of Radiology at VIMS Hospital is one of the finest centres of its kind. New high performance equipment together with a hospital-wide, all digital imaging, archival. This state-of-the-art technology facilitates rapid communication and diagnosis.


The Department of Nephrology at VIMS Hospitals has been established with the aim of providing the best possible care for kidney-related ailments with the treatment being guided by internationally recommended nephrology guidelines. The consultant nephrologists are experienced in treating patients from all walk of life and committed to providing affordable health care without compromising the quality.

Our anesthesiologist

Dr Abhishek J Narayan

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Dr Vivek Ganesan


Dr Amrutha Priyamkari R



At Valiyath Institute of Medical sciences we continue to follow the highest level of safety precautions as we treat our patients. We are strictly adhering to all ICMR & WHO mandated protocols, to keep you and your family safe & healthy.


Well equipped with the most recent medical equipment, modern technology & infrastructure, VIMS Hospital is probably the best medical clinic in Kerala..

  • It has set up its own high standards in patient care.All operations theatres are equipped with state of the art anaesthesia workstations, infusion pumps, facilities for multi-parameter monitoring

  • operation theatre is equipped with modern ventilators, multi-parameter monitors, a dedicated laboratory, crash carts, patient controlled analgesia systems, infusion pumps etc, manned 24 hours by a dedicated and trained team.