Medical Laboratory Technologists or Technicians are partnered medical services experts. Their primary undertaking is analysis of illness in patients alluded to by Doctors. Diagnosis of the infection is the stage when MLT experts become an integral factor! In numerous cases,Doctors refer the patients to clinical labs so they might get tired and address finding can be made. A graduate of B. MLT is an all-rounder, taking everything into account. The course visualizes working in a general ability in the understudy, of performing medical laboratory tests, regardless of whether it's everyday practice or unique tests. These understudies would be fit for playing out a scope of tests furthermore, abilities connected with l lab management and ethics, biomedical waste disposal, personality development, effective communication skills,etc., would also be developed in them.

  • ELIGIBILITY : +2(Any group)
  • DURATION : 3 YEARS(6 Semesters)
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