Department of Urology

The Urology department at VIMS Hospital specializes in advanced and preventive care. The department caters to a huge spectrum of diagnostics and treatment for urology, prostate problems, stones in the part of the urinary tract, bladder control problems, kidney stones, infections of the urinary tract, laparoscopic urology, erectile dysfunction, pediatric renal issues, hernia, etc. The urologist and experts deliver multi-disciplinary and sensitive care to the patients suffering from any urology disease. Various CT scans, ultrasound, or sonography, can be prescribed to check thoroughly the sufferings of the patient. In the advanced stages of the particular cases, a urologist specialist can advise for the cystoscopy procedure, involving a thin scope called cystoscope in the body to see the inner view of the urethra and bladder. The department demonstrates the best skills and technology with the operation of innovative technologies and invasive procedures for the best results of patients recovery..

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The Department of Radiology at VIMS Hospital is one of the finest centres of its kind. New high performance equipment together with a hospital-wide, all digital imaging, archival. This state-of-the-art technology facilitates rapid communication and diagnosis.


The Department of Nephrology at VIMS Hospitals has been established with the aim of providing the best possible care for kidney-related ailments with the treatment being guided by internationally recommended nephrology guidelines. The consultant nephrologists are experienced in treating patients from all walk of life and committed to providing affordable health care without compromising the quality.

Our Urologist

Dr Agish M A

MBBS MS Gen Surgery MCH(Urology) Urologist





At Valiyath Institute of Medical sciences we continue to follow the highest level of safety precautions as we treat our patients. We are strictly adhering to all ICMR & WHO mandated protocols, to keep you and your family safe & healthy.

Kidney stone

If you experience sudden pain, blood in your urine, or other kidney stone symptoms, our urology experts a can perform a physical exam and order diagnostic tests

Spinal cord injuries

The issues that happen are extremely subject to how the bladder and the urinary sphincter respond to spinal cord injury.

urinary system disorders

Disorders of the urinary system,, likewise called urogenital disorders are conditions that influence the urinary and genital organs. Basically, urinary issues can happen as we age or become sick or injured.